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Everyone knows Rotterdam's three professional football clubs Feyenoord, Sparta and Excelsior. But top-level sport is much more diverse than just football. There are many more clubs in Rotterdam that perform at the highest level, supported by Rotterdam Topsport.


'Creating the best possible infrastructure for (top-level) sports. An adequate mentoring and advice structure is part of that. In addition, it is also important that top-level sports associations, top athletes and talents have access to sufficient facilities and amenities. This calls for talent scouts and programmes for talent recognition and development.'

Role, tasks, responsibilities

Rotterdam Topsport:

  • Reinforces the infrastructure of top-level sports by supporting a large number of sports clubs with the ambition to perform at the highest level, provided they meet a number of conditions. These conditions include performance at the highest level, context, continuity, training for youth and financial support. In Rotterdam, choices have been made based on the following criteria:

- national and/or international impact of the sport

- support among young people

- appropriate to the image of Rotterdam

- growth opportunities (sportive, promotional, economic)

- media interest

- availability of accommodation in Rotterdam

- Olympic sport

- passive and active recreational facilities

  • Offers top-level sports clubs a tailored guidance and support package. Rotterdam Topsport provides support in the following areas: youth training, achieving and maintaining top level sports performance, event organisation, organisational professionalisation, use of accommodations, promotional activities, and sport medical and paramedical care.


The following top-level sports clubs are based in Rotterdam:

Fusion Rotterdam (Volleyball)
Rotterdam Basketball College (Men's basketball)
DOOR Neptunus (Baseball)
HC Rotterdam (Hockey)
Victoria Squash Rotterdam (Squash)
HARO (Handball) (Cycling)
Budokan Rotterdam (Judo)
AA Drink/FVT Rotterdam (Table Tennis)
Unity '99 (Karate)
Rotterdam Atletiek (Athletics)
Stichting Roeien in Rotterdam / Rowing Foundation of Rotterdam (Rowing)
TPP Rotterdam (Indoor football)
Challenge Sports/Binnenland.Rotterdam (Women's basketball)
Rotterdam Unicorns (Baseball/Talent centre)
Rotterdam Boxing (Boxing)

Rotterdam also boasts three professional football organisations which do not receive support from Rotterdam Topsport:

Sparta Rotterdam


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