In the 1980s and 1990s, Rotterdam increasingly evolved from the 'seaport with labourers in dusty overalls and rolled-up sleeved shirts' to 'city of ambitious new architecture and events' and 'city with a unique social approach and development of new quarters'. In 1990, 'top-level sport' was added to this list, putting Rotterdam more and more on the map as city of sports, with all related activities. The intention was to raise the profile of both Rotterdam and the top-level sports practised here. Making every effort to improve the sports climate in the city was even recorded in the articles of the newly to be established Rotterdamse Sport Stichting. The then drafted mission statement still rings true today:


'Obtaining and reinforcing the (inter)national position of Rotterdam as leading city of sports, with the best possible sports infrastructure and organisation.'

Active on the borderline between the business sector and top-level sports, Rotterdam Topsport was not directly tied to the municipal organisation, but had to generate a substantial part of its income from sponsoring. Driven by the favourable political tide of the 1990s and the positive stimulus and encouragement of both the mayor and the city council, our foundation was able to prosper.

The end of 2010 will mark the 20th anniversary of Rotterdam Topsport. After several years of development, we have increasingly focused on our role as network organisation in a public-private partnership with the municipality of Rotterdam, the (inter)national world of sports, the business sector, the media, and the educational and scientific world, with the objective to improve Rotterdam's top-level sports climate. In the broadest sense of the word. From guiding talents to initiating the build of new locations, offering sport medical care and organising events.

The 1990s were used to sow. Now, we are clearly on the point of harvesting the fruits of our work. Rotterdam Topsport has grown into a mature organisation which promotes new developments. Whereas we were previously mainly participating and following, we are now involved in initiating and managing projects. We are essential participants; we think along and are part of the decision-making process. As a fully-fledged partner for top-level sports organisations in Rotterdam and the Netherlands, we are also active on a European and global level, which has earned us the recognition we deserve.


Hans den Oudendammer


  • Management
  • Top sport policy
  • Public Relations

Hans Zoethoutmaar

Project manager / Deputy director

  • Events
  • Accommodations
  • Top sport policy

Fred van Duijvenbode

Project manager

  • Marketing

Soenita Gaya


  • Finance

Jan Tromp

Project Leader

  • Top class sport clubs
  • Talent center

Diana Schultz

Project Leader

  • Marketing

Gerda IJff

Project manager

  • Events

Karin Luijendijk

Project manager / Facility manager

  • Events
  • Sportsman & Talents

Simone de Mos

Project Officer

  • Marketing

Lisette Eijgelsheim

Project manager

  • Marketing

Michel van Jaarsveld

Project Officer

  • Marketing

Margriet Matthijsse

Office assistant

  • Reception

Supervisory board

Mr. J.C.G. Stam (chairman)
Mr. dr. F.J.F. Aarens
Mr. dr. A.B.M. Bergkamp
Mr. dr. G.J. van Drielen
Mrs. dr. W.F. de Mooij
Mr. M. Huizinga
Mr. A.M.F. Wesselink




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