Successes  UEFA CUP Final  08/05/2002 - 01/01/1970


A few days after the assassination of Dutch politician and Rotterdam's local hero Pim Fortuyn, Feyenoord played the finals of the UEFA Cup against Borussia Dortmund in their own stadium, De Kuip. Many fans were still mourning the loss of Fortuyn, but did not want to miss this match and the opportunity to win an international prize for the world. It was an emotional and exhilarating match all rolled up into one, with both Feyenoord and the Germans playing with mourning bands as a salute to the Dutch politician. Following a superb season achieving one success after the other, the score was once again opened by Pierre van Hooijdonk who converted a penalty into a spectacular goal. Incidentally, it was Jürgen Kohler who caused the penalty by pulling back Jon Dahl Tomasson in the Dortmund penalty area, for which he received a red card. Feyenoord made it 2-0 eight minutes later when 'Pi-Air' brilliantly scored a free kick from the edge of the area, leaving goalkeeper Jens Lehmann no chance. Meanwhile, the first parties erupted in Rotterdam's city centre in anticipation of the cup final victory bash. But the match was far from over as Feyenoord battled its way to victory in a heart-stopping second half. Two minutes after half time, Dortmund was handed a way back into the match when Marcio Amoroso capitalised on a penalty shot opportunity. Just three minutes after this thunder shot, Jon Dahl Tomasson burst up and scored 3-1. As the silent hope in the hearts of the people of Rotterdam started to grow, Dortmund once again found a way back into the match when Jan Koller scored 3-2 after shooting the ball spectacularly past goalkeeper Edwin Zoetebier only seven minutes after Tomasson's goal. What followed was an incredibly thrilling half hour with goal opportunities on both sides. With Dortmunt failing to find the equaliser, Feyenoord saw the game out with 3-2, winning the UEFA Cup for the second time in its history (the first time was in 1974). Team captain Paul Bosvelt was awarded the cup on behalf of the team.

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