City Marketing Rotterdam, Your Sports City

In 2003, three Rotterdam sports organisations, Sport en Recreatie, Rotterdam Topsport and Rotterdam Sportsupport, established a municipal policy programme entitled 'Rotterdam, City of Sports' – a proposal for the next ten years.

The Rotterdam Board has multiple reasons for improving the current sports policy. In the first place, the current sports policy runs until 2010 and is in need of continuation. In addition, in the past few years Rotterdam has been increasingly calling for an approach that applies sports to a range of urban issues, varying from social, environmental and climate issues to security and health challenges. Currently, an important national development initiative has been launched in the field of sports: the Netherlands' Olympic Plan 2028. The plan is a joint initiative of government at all levels, enterprises of all sizes and the NOC*NSF and aims to transform the Netherlands into a true sports nation by 2016. Rotterdam is an important partner in this plan, in which the local effects of sport contribute to national ambitions and vice versa. If we succeed by 2016, the Netherlands will be ready to consider a bid for the 2028 Olympic Games.

In this respect, the challenge for Rotterdam is twofold: the city is working hard at realising the Netherlands' Olympic dream while using sports as a means to deal with urban issues. In 2016, Rotterdam will be one of Europe's most well-known sports cities. Within the Dutch sports culture that will have reached Olympic level by 2016, Rotterdam will act as role model. As of 2016, the Netherlands will consider a bid for the 2028 Olympic Games, with Rotterdam as potential candidate host city or organiser/host city welcoming many sports, athletes and visitors.


Reaching goals along six tracks

Rotterdam intends to reach its goals for 2016 and put them into practice along six tracks. In general, these goals are similar to those formulated in the Olympic Plan 2028. In this way, Rotterdam's contribution toward transforming the Netherlands into a sports nation becomes apparent.

1 sports values and education:
The values and positive effects of sports and exercise are used to challenge young people and enable talent development. Sports and exercise programmes will be offered and made accessible to everyone in all levels of education in Rotterdam, from primary schools to universities.

2 social themes:
Sport contributes visibly and measurably to challenges across all pillars in the municipality of Rotterdam on an economic, social, physical and safety level.

3 recreational sports and sports development:
70% of Rotterdam's residents exercise (as opposed to 52% in 2007), thanks in part to the vital sports and exercise culture in the city's quarters and sports clubs, and the extra attention to sports for the target groups youth, elderly and disabled persons.

4 events and accommodations:
The city offers sports facilities at local up to international level, which are complete, evenly spread out across town and accessible for all target groups.

5 top-level sports:
As top-level sports city, Rotterdam has a leading position in the Netherlands and a sub-level spot in Europe. In addition, all medium and longer term plans for the Rotterdam region are '2028 Olympic Plan proof'.

6 media and city marketing:
Sport is an integral part of Rotterdam's identity and image.

Rotterdam City of Sports

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