ambassadors Soufiane Touzani

Soufiane Touzani


  • Provided the tricks for the Game Fifastreet 1 & 2 (EA Games) also a character in the Game
  • Inventor of the low-air freestyle
  • Established the SSD-Events in 2005
  • Has been an ambassador for the Joga Bonito of Nike, with inter alia Eric Cantona, Ronaldinho, Luis Figo, Ibrahimovic and Adriano.
  • Best viewed sports video of all time on within a certain period of time(6.000.000)
  • Owning an own trick, named after TATW (Touzani Around The world)
  • Various Commercials (Nike, Canan/Africa Cup), various video clips (Brainpower, Partysquad and Ali B)


  • Played soccer at Haarlem, SC Feyenoord, currently Premierships futsall at DZS (hall foundation Dordrecht)
  • Participation of the Dubbel30 Tour in co-operation with ALI B 
  • Performances in the Kuip, Arena, Stadium de France (80.000 people), for the Cruijff foundation, for program of the World famous singer/rapper AKON.
  • Tour with Edgar Davids in New York in coöperation with ESPN
  • Perfomances in Egypt, Canada, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, India etc
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