City Marketing Activities Rotterdam Topsport

One of Rotterdam Topsport's core activities is raising Rotterdam's international profile as City of Sports. The Olympic Plan 2028 of the NOC*NSF is designed to transform the Netherlands into an Olympic standard sports nation by 2016. Rotterdam supports this ambition by executing a joint sports policy which has received the support of Rotterdam's sports companies as well as municipal services and institutions.


'In 2016, Rotterdam will be one of Europe's most well-known sports cities. Rotterdam will serve as an example for the Dutch sports culture as a city that has been lifted toward the Olympic status.'

Role, tasks, responsibilities

Rotterdam Topsport:

  • Ensures that sport is an integral part of Rotterdam's identity and image;

  • Pursues a pro-active press policy. Generates monthly publicity on local level (what does sport contribute to the city), national level (Rotterdam as the Netherlands' City of Sports) and international level (stunts at international events);

  • Incorporates sports into the city's marketing plan: 'World Port World City'. Ensures that other city marketing activities, such as theme years, the Climate Initiative and municipality's international relations remain high on the agenda;

  • Contributes to structurally measuring the social effects of sports for the city (in terms of economics, image, city marketing and social spin-off).

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