Accommodations Activities Rotterdam Topsport

For a large part, Rotterdam owes its reputation as top-level sports city to its numerous sports accommodations: three football stadiums (Feyenoord, Sparta and Excelsior), the Ahoy Sports Palace, Topsportcentrum Rotterdam, baseball stadium Neptunus and the largest field hockey complex in the Netherlands, Hockey Club Rotterdam. Also in the coming years, Rotterdam will be focusing on investing in new sports accommodations. The Topsportcentrum, which opened its doors in 2000, has proved so successful that expansion is already needed to accommodate its growth. (Expansion work is scheduled to be completed by 2010.) In addition, there are plans for an Olympic 50-metre pool and a 400-metre ice rink. The construction of an international rowing course is also expected to create new impetus in the near future.

Although Rotterdam Topsport is not a principal, it is driver for new developments for the establishment of business activities for top athletes.


'Initiating and advising the municipality of Rotterdam in the development and realisation of new (top-level) sports accommodations.'

Role, tasks, responsibilities

Rotterdam Topsport:

  • Ensures the availability of modern, well equipped sports accommodations. After all, optimal competition and training facilities are a prerequisite for the development of a specific branch of sport at national and international level;

  • Ensures that accommodations meet national and international standards and requirements. The choice of sports federations and sports clubs for a specific location for events and competitions is highly dependent on quality and availability.


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