Willem Alexander Baan

The Willem Alexander Baan is located at the water storage Eendragtspolder as part of the recreation area Rottemeren. The rowing course is, in cooperation with the FISA, such designed to fulfil the highest requirements of international rowing events. The course includes all facilities for Olympic Games. Because of its location, the rowing course and its facilities is besides the primary function of rowing also suitable for many other sports like canoeing, cycling, running, triathlon, inline skating etc.

The Willem Alexander Baan has four priorities:

• Training centre for (top) rowers,

• Location for rowing competitions at all levels,

• Centre for other recreational sports besides rowing,

• Innovation centre to improve the race conditions and training opportunities

Area Development

Water storage, recreation and (top) sport, a unique combination that is established in the Eendragtspolder. An area development in which the Willem-Alexander Baan is given a prominent place. The redesign of the Eendragtspolder is a collaboration project of the province of South Holland, Water Board Schieland and Krimpenerwaard, Recreation area Rottemeren, the municipality of Zuidplas and the municipality of Rotterdam. The rowing course is funded by the municipality of Rotterdam.

Postal addressNely Gambonplein 1 RotterdamWebsite http://willem-alexanderbaan.nl/
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