V.O.C. Cricket Complex

The complex at the Hazelaarweg is first and foremost set up to serve the sporting needs of members. As V.O.C. is both a football and cricket club, our complex is open all year round. Roughly, you could say that the club is used for playing cricket from May to August and for football from September to April. Having said that, overlapping activities will always occur given the fact that the national football association and cricket association do not coordinate their programmes.

The V.O.C. sports hall has been in use since 1 September 2003. With 389 m2 of surface area (32.40 metres long x 12 metres wide), it is suitable for many purposes. In the first place, the hall is fit for use for indoor cricket practice sessions. Many cricket clubs, including the Dutch national team and selected youth team, have found their way to the hall. In addition, as icing on the cake, the V.O.C. was pleased to act as host for the Australian and Indian teams in the summer of 2004. It can proudly say that all users of the hall, including national and international top athletes, have been more than happy with the facilities and level of service. When set up for playing cricket, the hall has three nets and an excellent batting pitch. With a total length of 32.40 metres, there is ample room for the bowler's approach. There is also a BOLA bowling machine available for use.

Postal addressHazelaarweg 73053 PM RotterdamTel +31 (0)10-422 49 18Website www.v-o-c.nl
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