Topsportcentrum Rotterdam

Topsportcentrum Rotterdam offers (top-level) sports and sports clubs an ideal basis for all indoor sports, from training sessions and competitions to events. The centre includes facilities such as a top-level sports hall with a capacity of 2,500 spectators, a recreational sports hall, a food court and a business lounge. The first division teams of the Rotterdam Challengers, Zadkine Rotterdam. Nesselande, TPP Rotterdam and Challenge Sports/Binnenland all play their home matches here. The complex also accommodates Rotterdam Topsport, the Olympic Network Rotterdam, the Sportmedisch Centrum and a physiotherapy practice. Topsportcentrum Rotterdam can therefore justly be called The Home of Sports in the City of Sports!
Topsportcentrum Rotterdam is currently undergoing extensive expansion and improvement. A new top-level sports hall with an additional 1,000 seats is underway, as well as another recreational sports hall and more cafetaria facilities. On completion, the complex will also have various meeting rooms available for use. The new Topsportcentrum will open its doors mid-October 2010. To find out more about the renovation of Topsportcentrum Rotterdam, follow this link:

Facts and Figures

Number of halls/fields: 2 top-level sports halls and 1 recreational sports hall

Surface area:
Surface area of top-level sports hall 1:
Field size: 20 x 40 metres. Total space: 48 x 28 metres.

Surface area of recreational sports hall 1:
The hall features point elastic flooring and has a field of 20 x 40 metres. The total space comprises 44 x 24 metres.

The recreational sports hall can be sectioned into two parts by means of an electric dividing wall.

Number of fixed seats: 2,097

Number of additional seats: 318 (total number of seats: 2,415)

Technical information

  • Measurement of top-level sports hall (without moveable seating): 28 x 48 metres
  • Height of hall (measured to bottom of frame) 10.65 metres
  • Height of hall (measured to ceiling): 14.50 metres
  • Measurement of top-level sports hall (with moveable seating): 25 x 45 metres
  • Number of fixed seating seats: 2,097
  • Number of seats on moveable seating: 318
  • Total seating capacity: 2,415
  • Size transport door: 4.20 (width) x 4.75 metres (height). Size of two emergency exits next to the transport roller door: 2.76 (width) x 2.40 metres (height) 
  • Floor load per m2: 400 kg
  • The top-level sports hall features Junckers type 2 elastic flooring, protected flooring and plastic foil.  
  • There are FIG hooks for gymnastics.
  • There are also 2 score boards to be used for all sports. 
  • There is a LED screen of 4.96 x 2.30 metres (see picture below) for promotional purposes, etc.)
Possible sports fields/courts in the top-level sports hall:
  • 4 volleyball courts which run across the width of the hall, but with minimal runback; these fields must be taped;
  • 2 basketball courts with ceiling-mounted baskets (measurement: 24 x 13 and 2 metres runback).
Fields/courts across length:
  • 1 basketball court with towers (measurement: 28 x 15 metres)
  • 1 indoor football field
  • 1 indoor hockey field
  • 1 indoor handball field
  • 1 korfball court (if used with pits)
  • 1 volleyball court (if used with pits with marking)
  • 1 tennis field (pits)
The top-level sports hall features fixed court marking for:
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Handball
  • Volleyball

Recreational sports hall 1 Technical Details


  • Measurement of recreational sports hall: 24 x 44 metres
  • Height at heighest point: 11 metres
  • Height at lowest point: 8 metres
  • Number of seats on moveable benches: 200
  • Size transport door: 2.76 metre (width) / 2.40 metre (height)
  • The recreational sports hall features point elastic flooring and category 2 Pulastic 2000, Descol flooring.
  • There is an electronic score board as well as manual score boards.

In line with educational regulations, there are:

  • 3 wall racks;
  • 2 electric hoists for rings and ropes;
  • horizontal bars via floor cavities;
  • 1 education package, including benches, pommel horses, mats, balance beams, etc.; FIG hooks for gymnastics;

Fields/courts across length:

  • 1 indoor football field
  • 1 tennis court
  • 1 indoor hockey field
  • 1 handball court
  • 1 basketball court (ceiling baskets)
  • 7 badminton courts (crosswise)

Fields/courts across width:

  • 1 basketball school court
  • 3 volleyball courts

The recreational sports hall features fixed court marking for:

  • Korfball
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Handball
  • Hockey
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton

The recreational sports hall has 3 x 63 Amp three-phase power.

Parking facilities

As of 2010/2011, Topsportcentrum Rotterdam will have private parking for 300 cars. On Feyenoord match days or when the Dutch national team is scheduled to play at De Kuip or during events, the parking area will not be accessible without a special parking pass. There will be parking available at a fee in section P5, which is located next to Pathé De Kuip. The Topsportcentrum is a two-minute walk from there.

Additional facilities:
press room, control room, restaurant facilities, meeting rooms, dressing rooms

Up coming sports events:

Holland Handball Tournament, Super World Cup Judo, final rounds European Korfball Championships


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